Women's Philanthropy

You have the power to change the lives of Jewish people locally, in Israel, and beyond.


There are many ways to practice tzedakah, righteous acts of giving.

UJA-JCC Greenwich Women’s Philanthropy is a multi-general group of women who make a personal and financial commitment to strengthen Jewish life for individuals and families. Our mission is to inspire and empower women to become leaders in the local community and to help uplift the lives of Jewish children and families at risk through a network of affiliated Federation programs. A gift to the annual UJA-JCC campaign supports local Jewish programming and the good works of UJA-JCC Greenwich. We welcome you to join the women of UJA-JCC Greenwich! Contact Claudia Brenner



Here are nationally recognized levels of participation in UJA-JCC Greenwich Women’s Philanthropy:

Lion of Judah Society Family Gift of $5,000+

Symbolizing the strength of Jewish women, Lions represent connectedness, leadership and power. Lions impact change on a global scale. The Lion of Judah family gift covers the minimum gift associated with Women's Philanthropy Brunch, UJA-JCC Gala, parlor events and the biennial Lion of Judah Breakfast. (Event ticket charges are separate).  Lions are also invited to the International Lion of Judah Conference.

Pomegranate Society Family Gift of $2,500-$4,999

One of the seven fruits named in the Bible, the pomegranate is said to contain 613 seeds, one for each of the mitzvot or commandments found in the Torah. Pomegranate Society members’ family gift covers the minimum gift associated with: Women's Philanthropy Brunch, UJA-JCC Gala and parlor events. (Event ticket charges are separate). 

Women's Philanthropy Board Family Gift of $500-$2,499

Join a committee on the Women's Philanthropy Board and serve as an ambassador of Women’s Philanthropy or help with major events. This family gift covers the minimum gift associated with: the Annual Women's Philanthropy Brunch and invitational programs. (Event ticket charges are separate).




We appreciate your family gift to the UJA-JCC Annual Campaign. Your gift supports the good work of UJA-JCC Greenwich. Please call our office if you would like to speak with a staff member about your gift. Thank you. To support Women's Philanthropy at any level, please donate here.


 2022 Women's Philanthropy Board 

Rebecca Anikstein

Bran Berni

Whitney Chernoff

Bonnie Citron

Claudine Cohen
Marissa Cohen
Romy Cohen

Rebecca Cooper

Debbie Daum

Maryashie Deren

Stephanie Esquenazi-Vice-President

Maria Felton

Andi Fern,  Vice-President

Debra Fram

Marlene Gilbert 

Joui Hessel, Vice-President







Roseanne Hurvitz

Gaby Isman

Allison Jackson

Bryanna Kallman

Judith Kallman

Shelby Katz

Suzanne Katz

Silvina Knoll

Dina Klein Lunder

Joan Mann

Amanda Miller

Sheila Neilinger

Romina Rapoport

Yael Rosen

Deborah Rosmarin

Rachel Rubin








Kim Sands 

Cori SaNogueria

Debra Shore

Madeline Simon

Maura Smotrich

Deborah Steyn

Carolyn Surgent

Rebecca Tipermas

Christine Toback, President

Mina Tulchinsky

Abby Vorobeychik

Jane Weitzman

Lauren Yeager 

Dassi Yechiely

Mugs Zales

Nancy Zisson