Lunch & Learn: Talmud, Astrology and Free Will

Date: July 1, 2021Time: 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
Location:  Zoom
Phone: 2035521818Email:

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Lunch & Learn: Talmud, Astrology and Free Will Free

PLEASE NOTE: Lunch & Learn is going virtual! Please register for Zoom link AND password.


Lunch & Learn is a weekly program, every Thursday from 12:30 – 1:30 pm. The Lunch & Learn program is generously sponsored by Rita Edelston.  


Talmud, Astrology and Free Will
Henry Abramson
July 1
The Talmud devotes considerable attention to how heavenly constellations can influence our lives. But what might such starry influence mean for free will? We’ll gaze into astrology — and the Talmud — along with the remarkable story of Rabbi Akiva's daughter.
The Chosen Son: The Tragedy of Abel and the Triumph of Joseph
Shuli Taubes 
July 8
What does the Book of Genesis say about "chosenness"? Let’s analyze the complex family dynamics and key lessons that emerge from divine election. 

Flavius Josephus: The Jewish Historian Who Helped Shape Roman and Early Medieval Art
Steven Wander, PhD
July 15
Ever seen Rome’s Arch of Titus? Ever imagined how the leading Jewish historian of the 1st century influenced it and other imperial Roman and early medieval art?
Tu B’Av: The Jewish Day of Romance
Rabbi David Kalb
July 22
Tu B’Av is often called the Jewish Sadie Hawkins Day. But how does the Talmud describe events in Jewish history that occurred on the sacred date of Tu B’Av?
The "Ger": A Special Person in the Torah
Rabbi Moshe Edelman
July 29
Love is a key Torah concept. Love of the divine. Love of one's fellow/neighbor.
And repeatedly: "Love the ger, the other, the stranger." Who is that and why is it?
How is this idea concretized into behavior?