Lunch & Learn: For the Rest of Us

Date: May 6, 2021Time: 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm Phone: 2035521818Email:

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PLEASE NOTE: Lunch & Learn is going virtual! Please register for Zoom link AND password.


Lunch & Learn is a weekly program, every Thursday from 12:30 – 1:30 pm. The Lunch & Learn program is generously sponsored by Rita Edelston.  


For the Rest of Us

Rabbi Greg Wall

May 6

Sabbatical leave, in common parlance, allows workers to recharge their batteries, develop professionally and avoid burnout. However, the Torah’s concept of Sabbatical extends across every aspect of our lives, including our relationships with people, animals and even the land. Let׳s take time out to explore. 


From Sefirat HaOmer to Revelation: How the Rabbis Read Biblical Texts

Rabbi Rahel Berkovits 

May 13

The Torah says to count the Omer from the day after shabbat, yet the rabbis begin counting from the day after Pesach. How do they see the process of revelation, and what can we learn from their choices concerning the continuous unfolding of Torah?


Toxic Handlers in the Bible 

Rabba Dr. Carmella Abraham

May 20

Lessons for the workplace.


Violence Against Women and the Bible’s Deafening Silence

Yael Klein Leibowitz

May 27

Come explore Ancient Israel’s revolutionary approach to gender issues and equality through a careful look at some of the Bible’s most scandalous episodes.