Are Social Networks Spurring the Renewed Wave of Palestinian Attacks?

Posted by: Laura Blum on Thursday, November 5, 2015
Inflamed Passions

"Who are the attackers, what’s driving them, and where is the ongoing terror surge headed?" are the questions The Times of Israel's Middle East analyst, Avi Issacharoff, leads off with in his current article about the renewed wave of Palestinian attacks against Israelis. 

Are social media networks the big drivers, as suggested in much of the recent mainstream news coverage? Issacharoff reports that social networks "play a clear role in igniting the passions of the current escalation," with groups such as Hamas leveraging them masterfully, however, he relays a more nuanced story. 

Reflecting the alleged findings of the Israeli security forces, old-fashioned means of communication from television to word of mouth may count for more than any Facebook incitement. Issacharoff sites the example of attackers from the Hebron area, who tend to live in homes where electricity service can be erratic at best.

Read the article here and don't miss JCC Greenwhich's December screening of the action-drama series Fauda, which Issacharoff co-created. 


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