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Posted by: Laura Blum on Thursday, June 9, 2016
Wave Hill

Ever been to Wave Hill, Riverdale’s leafy oasis overlooking the Hudson River and Palisades? JCC Greenwich hadn’t, until our June 8th sampling of its 28-acre grounds. Now we can recommend the artistic horticultural and cultural attractions there hands down. 

Greenwich attorney Beth Boyer and Stamford marketing consultant Elissa Garber-Hyman get a quick history lesson with guide Sue Friedman.

Pop quiz: Who owned this estate before it was deeded to the City of New York in 1960?

Answer: George W. Perkins, once a partner of J.P. Morgan’s. 

New Jersey never looked better than from Wave Hill's Pergola Overlook, shaded by a kiwi vine and flanked by ornamental plants.

Check out the roots on this Copper Beech. Close up, you'd swear they're grafted onto elephant toes.

Hard to imagine poppies ever putting anyone to sleep. They're even more neon in person.

Gardener Harnek Singh tells us he does a lot of his managing and organizing with his iPhone.

All told, Wave Hill has seven gardeners, including Albert Cabrera. Lots of weeding.

"How does lavender survive the winter?" Elissa wonders. 

They're not called "humming bird moths" for nothing. (Photo by Beth Boyer) 

Alliums are also known as "ornamental onions.” But you can see why Beth prefers “Dr. Seuss flowers.”

Director of Horticulture Louis Bauer nurtures his chlorophyll charges before squiring us around the grounds.

Cactii come from the Americas, Louis explains, and that also goes for the sabra variety that lends its name to native Israelis. 

 How does Spanish moss manage without roots? Hint: it gets misted three times a day, at least here in this hothouse.

In Jerusalem, prayers fill the cracks of the Western Wall. Wave Hill's version uses flowers.

Glendon Gallery curator Danni Shen guides us through the Spring "(Not So) Still Life" exhibition.

Ori Gersht’s video “On Reflection” ponders beauty and violence in still life. Literally smashing.





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