Jerusalem, Home of "The Pyramid"

Posted by: Laura Blum on Friday, April 15, 2016
Come to Jerusalem and see the pyramids! Or at least "The Pyramid," as the three-sided tower soon to mark the Jerusalem skyline has been named. Designed by Polish-American architect Daniel Libeskind in collaboration with local architect Yigal Levi, the 26-story building is poised to hover over the low-slung Mahane Yehuda market and Nahalot neighborhood. 

The Jerusalem municipality greenlit the project yesterday -- with a week to go until Pesah. Yet any apparent Egyptian connection is coincidental, according to the Studio Libeskind website, which says:

"Referencing Jerusalem’s existing architectural language, the façade features a geometric pattern composed of Jerusalem stone and glass. The pattern and relief of the façade refers to traditional, local typologies while also fulfilling contemporary functions." 
Another reason cited for the "tapering form" is to "allow maximum light to fall on the public plaza below and to create ample open space surrounding the structure," per the Studio. 

Elsewhere in the Middle East, Studio Libeskind has been tapped to design The Kurdistan Museum in Erbil, Iraq, which it describes as “the first major center in the Kurdistan Region for the history and culture of the Kurdish people.” So far, no hieroglyphics come up in the blueprints.


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